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Clairy Browne

Australia’s distinguished pop RnB icon Clairy Browne returns in 2020 armed with a brand new single, ‘Not The Only’, taken from her forthcoming EP release ANGEL, through Believe Music.

An entrancing track that seduces listeners into her twisted pop universe swathed in glamour and authenticity, ‘Not The Only’, is a celebration of raw artistic fluidity, a headfirst dive into neon-drenched sunsets and vodka soaked mornings, dusty panoramas and mirror-balled dancefloors, with dirt and grime caked beneath acrylic fingernails.

Co-written by Browne and KING Ellenoir in Los Angeles and produced by Andrew Furze, ‘Not The Only’ pares back on extravagant production to reveal a dazzling pop jewel that pulses with anthemic hooks, infectious vocal swells and a startlingly dystopian resonance.

Pulling listeners into Browne’s subversive musical cosmos – an ether devoid of heteronormativity, where queerness is celebrated in all its forms – ‘Not The Only’ signals a new chapter for the accomplished artist, and a track that cements Browne’s beguiling transition from the kitsch retro pop of her previous efforts to enthralling RNB pop sensation. Underscoring an artistic reprise for the prominent Australian songwriter and an unforeseen twist in the Clairy Browne story, ‘Not The Only’ beckons listeners into an alluring, atmospheric wonderland, where diamonds shimmer within the darkness, neon gleams in darkened corners, and music is the resounding heartbeat in an otherworldly odyssey.

A global force recognised for her astounding versatility and prestigious collaborations, audiences may recognise Browne through her recent work with RuPaul on the title track of his last album, or from astonishing audiences all over the USA, Europe, Japan, NZ and Australia with her powerhouse vocals and sublime stage presence. Yet ‘Not The Only’ tosses any pre-conceived notions you had of Browne out onto the curb, and instead reveals a kaleidoscopic, forever shifting artist that takes what you thought you knew, flips it on its head, and makes you question your perceptions, time and time again.